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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Beach Baby Blake Blaize

    Editors Note:  One of the reasons we love Fort Myers Beach is the amazingly interesting and quirky people who reside here - both full-time and part-time.  To celebrate the diversity of spirit here, we're launching a new series as part of Beach Baby Blog that will feature people we've met along the way.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed getting to know these folks! - BBR

    Moving to Fort Myers Beach has been a joy for us.  Along with the beauty of the Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel are the wonderful and interesting people we have met (and keep meeting!).

    DSCN1907The very first folks we met are the parents of our favorite Southwest Florida Beach Baby, Blake Blaize Przybyszewski.   Kristin and Kevin Przybyszewski sold their house on Fort Myers Beach to us (along with a heart and their initials in cement in the corner of our pool deck- very romantic!)  They decided to sell their Beach home and move to Cape Coral for a bigger place to make sure they would have lots of room for Blake, their wonderful dog Hope, and all the visiting company they enjoy.

    Kevin big fishKevin and Kristen totally embraced us when we moved here. They introduced us to their friends and family which made us feel immediately welcome and at home.  And Kevin is a great fisherman and has taken us out for grouper fishing in the gulf a few times.  We are so grateful to them and happy to call them friends!

    DSCN1929Blake Blaze is going to be 1 year old this week. In true beach manner, lots of friends and family will gather to celebrate this beautiful, laid-back, smart little guy’s first year. Guest will also indulge in Kevin’s great barbeque, Kristin’s wonderful deserts and gracious hosting. Have no doubt, right after we finish our Beach Baby Rentals deliveries and pick-ups we are heading straight to the celebration!

    Blake’s parents hail from New Jersey where Kevin was a police officer for 25 years.  Kevin was undercover for much of that time and won a number of awards and accommodations for his fine work and bravery.

    DSCN1915We recently asked Kevin why when he retired he decided to move to Fort Myers Beach. He told us, “I am living my father’s dream, my parents had friends who they visited in Bonita Springs and my Dad always wanted to live down here and on the water.  He never had the opportunity, but here I am!”  Kevin grew up boating and fishing with his father on the Jersey Shore and being here in many ways is a tribute to his father.

    Kevin duck huntingKevin not only works part-time for Fort Myers Beach Patrol - he is also a very successful Charter Captain. Trust me, whether you are an experienced angler or novice you will feel like a Pro when you charter with Hunter Girl Fins & Feathers Charters, named after Kevin’s beloved duck hunting dog, Hunter Girl.  Kevin has a large personality and heart - it is always a blast when you go out with him.  Also, Captain P can handle a boat like nobody’s business - safely and swiftly.

    Kevin’s other passion (besides fishing and his family) is duck hunting, which he does several times a year with his oldest son Kevin Michael, (who followed in his Dad’s footsteps and is also a Jersey police officer), his grandson,  and  his Black Lab, Hope.  As an extension of the duck hunting, Kevin Michael also has a thriving duck decoy business!  He's a busy young man!

    Blake’s Mom, Kristin moved to Fort Myers Beach in 2010, leaving her job as the manager of a Title Company.  Kristin and Kevin married April 21, 2011, so April is a big month for them with their anniversary and Blake’s birthday.

    DSCN1933Kristen is a very smart, generous, and beautiful woman (we all say Blake got his astonishing good looks from his Mommy, but he does have his Daddy’s amazing blue eyes!). Kristin has taken up baking and can make a mean desert.  People have been known to eat a whole pie at one sitting.

    Kristin comes from generations of very accomplished and impressive individuals.  We have had the privilege of sharing a glass of wine with Blake’s charming Great-Grandparents, hearing the stories of their very successful careers and business.  We also look forward to seeing his Grandma and Aunt at the birthday party.

    We asked Kristen and Kevin if they missed living on the Beach.  They told us that they miss the ease of seeing their friends who live on the Beach and their favorite Beach restaurants but enjoy the convenience of being on the Cape for shopping and exploring new places to dine, like Paesanos Italian Market.  Although everyone misses seeing them on the Beach as often as they used to, they’ve got a great place in Cape Coral to live the Southwest Florida lifestyle.  And as Kevin likes to say, “it’s just one left!” to Cape Coral from the Beach!

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