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Beaches, Babies, and Birds

We love chatting with our customers when we deliver our great baby gear.  Customers tell us their stories of how they choose Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel or the other beautiful communities of Lee County to live, snowbird, or vacation.  Grandparents share their excitement of the grandbaby/kids visit.  When we pick up the gear we hear the stories of how the baby enjoyed the high chair, how great the wagon is to get the “stuff” you need for a great day at the water to the beach; and of course how much the beach baby enjoyed the sand, water, and birds down on the shore.  When in the Ft. Myers-Sanibel area, it's all about the beaches, babies, and birds!

beach baby dog The official Beach Baby Rentals mascot enjoying a stick in the surf of Ft. Myers Beach!

We love the beach.  We grab every minute we can, between working on Beach Baby Rentals, to walk  the dogs on the beach or grab a little sun and Beth loves to squeeze in a little surf fishing!  The beach babies  want to climb out of their strollers and kids, the grown-ups too, come to look at the bait she has caught in the cast net or to watch the birds that hang around waiting for the chance to snatch a fish.

I love watching , the people walking by, couples of all ages holding hands, brothers and sisters playing happily together very busy with their beach toys.  Little beach babies, so cute toddling around with sunglasses, parents walking behind give a helping hand or catch them before they run too far in the water.

pelican ft. myers beach A pelican enjoying the view and fresh air at our beach

I could spend hours watching the squadrons of Pelicans glide above the surf along coasts, rising and falling in a graceful echo of the waves. They feed by plunge-diving from high up, using the force of impact to stun small fish before scooping them up. They are fairly common today—an excellent example of a species’ recovery from pesticide pollution that once placed them at the brink of extinction.

Let us know what is your favorite thing to do on the beach.  Visit our facebook page or google+ page and see the pictures of the Pelican and drop a post telling us about what you love about the beaches of Lee County.

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