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  • Thank You Ft. Myers Beach!

    Beach Baby Rentals, LLC opened its virtual doors on December 11, 2013 after we, Kathryn Friedman and Beth Freeman, moved here in June from the north (well, at least this winter DC qualifies as the north!).  In that very short time, we've found Fort Myers Beach (FMB Baby!) to be an incredibly warm, friendly, and embracing place for us to establish our lives and our new business.  We've met so many people on Estero Island and in the broader community that have absolutely welcomed us with grace and an unfailing community spirit.  To say we are happy to be living here and building a business amidst this community and natural beauty is a gross understatement. In short, we are elated.  And to that end, we offer a sincere thank you Ft. Myers Beach!

    We launch this blog as part of our effort to embrace that community in return - to highlight the many wonders of living here, snowbirding here,  or vacationing here, and also to shine a light on our efforts to build Beach Baby Rentals into yet another important piece of the business community that makes this such a great place to vacation.  We'll be updating our readers on happenings in the community, on tips for traveling or vacationing with babies and toddlers, on the wonders of nature we see along the way, on our experiences while building this business, and other random meanderings.

    Our business is off to a very promising start.  We are getting great feedback from our customers, reservations are increasing steadily, and most importantly, we are rapidly learning how to successfully run this, our first entrepreneurial activity.  We're getting referrals from friends, neighbors, property management operations, and many accommodations and local businesses.  Our website is functioning well, and many of our customers appreciate the ease of ordering directly online with no phone call necessary.  Other customers are happy making reservations by calling us directly, and that's just fine with us.  We love talking to folks planning vacations or visits from friends and family.

    But this, our first blog entry, is meant to serve one primary purpose, and that is to thank so many people and organizations that have offered up generous assistance to us and wise advice on how to succeed as a service business in a tourist-centric economy.  While there are too many to name individually here, we'd like to give a shout out to a few of them.

    Perhaps our most important support thus far has come from the folks at the Ft. Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce.  Specifically, Bud Nocera, Katrina Solakar, and Cindy D'Andrea were super helpful to us in helping us become members of the Chamber and to take advantage of the promotional and networking opportunities available to Chamber members.  If you're doing business in Ft. Myers Beach and haven't joined the Chamber, your're missing out on a great experience and entree into the local business community.

    Also on that list of exceptionally valuable assistance is the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau and their web presence The Beaches of Ft. Myers-Sanibel.  Executive Director Tamara Pigott and Director of Marketing and Communications Laura Chmielewski and her team have so enthusiastically offered advice, assistance, and opportunities to market Beach Baby Rentals to folks all over the U.S..

    Thank You Ft. Myers Beach You'll see us on the road all over Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel, and the greater Ft. Myers area!
    Thank You Ft. Myers Beach Our Beach Baby!

    If you see our red truck on the road making deliveries, give us a honk or a wave.  We love seeing friends on the road.   And don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions or questions.  We are still building our inventory in response to customer needs and requests.  We can be reached by email at or by phone at 239-765-0032.



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