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The Stork Brought the New Baby!

Endangered Endangered

We have been spotting  the Wood Stork as we deliver of our  excellent baby gear.   Many of us grew up hearing that Storks delivered the new baby brother or sister.  We began  wondering how that tale came about? So we googled it ! Here are a few of the  reasons behind the bird-baby mythology according to  Amelia Glynn's blog: 

In may cultures, storks represent fertility, springtime and good luck. In Roman times, if a stork built a nest on your roof, it was seen as a blessing and a promise of never-ending love from Venus.

stork___baby_1400x469Aristotle went as far as to make killing storks a crime. Some believed that a stork could cause a woman to become pregnant just by looking at her!  Storks are considered a harbinger of good fortune.  In Germany, they are known as "adebar", meaning "luck-bringer.

Wood Storks, an endangered bird are nesting  in the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary for the first time since 2009, the Florida sanctuary they had abandoned several years ago.   Officials say storks have built about 160 nests so far at four locations in the sanctuary. Sanctuary resource manager Mike Knight stated  that the number of nests may double or triple because the birds don't all start nesting at the same time.

The sanctuary once was the largest wood stork breeding colony in North America. The birds were forced to find other places to nest as their shallow wetland habitat declined.

Sanctuary officials say heavy rains during Florida's wet season helped improve conditions this year, but one good nesting season doesn't indicate a complete recovery.

The Storks have a special place in our hearts at Beach Baby Rentals, because we LOVE babies and we love watching the beautiful birds soaring over the Ft. Myers area!  So we will continue to support the efforts to protect the wetlands of Florida and hope you do too.



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